Dillon Fugate

Mr. Fugate is the lead designer for the mechanical and plumbing designs performed by Epic. He is experienced in overall HVAC design, including heat load calculations, furnace and air conditioning sizing, duct and plenum sizing, supply ducting, return air ducting, venting, radiant heating, and snow melt.

He is also experienced in plumbing design, including plumbing fixture counts, building water demands, utility meter sizing, hot- and cold-water pipe sizing and layout, sewer drain pipe sizing and layout, sewer venting, gas pipe sizing and layout, compressed air sizing and layout, vacuum pipe design and layout, grease and oil traps and sampling manhole design. He is proficient in energy compliance reports, including COM check, RES check, and ACCA manual (J,D,S) heat loss calculations.

Mr. Fugate has extensive experience in both the retrofit of existing facilities and new construction. He has completed HVAC and plumbing designs in a wide variety of market sectors, from residential housing to commercial offices to medical facilities.

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