Don Olsen

One of three principal owners, Mr. Olsen has more than 33 years of experience in water, waste water, municipal, water resources, master planning, and construction management. He has worked extensively with communities and service districts along the Wasatch Front and has served as Syracuse City engineer for 24 years, Magna Water District engineer for 25 years, and Draper Irrigation Company engineer for 15 years. Before co-founding Epic, he also served as a principal at Horrocks Engineers, in charge of their hydraulic and utility relocation division and the oversight of numerous projects. Mr. Olsen’s work experience has included federal funding acquisition, design, project management, and construction administration. He is responsible for ensuring the QA/QC standards are followed and that the submitted designs are of the highest possible caliber.

Mr. Olsen received his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Utah State University and is a licensed professional engineer in Utah and California. He has been involved with the design and construction of more than 30 pump stations and 80 pumps throughout his career. He has also completed the electrical work associated with the station designs. Additionally, he has completed more than 20 storm drain and sanitary sewer projects. Some of his notable projects include:

  • Freeport Pump Station, Syracuse City -- 8000 gpm capacity, 4 pumps
  • Hydroelectric Plant, Draper Irrigation Company -- 511 KW plant
  • Standby Generator, Magna Wastewater Treatment Plant -- Diesel generator, building, and fuel storage
  • Two 4 MG Concrete Tanks, Corner Canyon, Draper Irrigation Company -- Designed all site utilities, roadway, reservoirs, valve vault, piping, chlorination equipment, erosion, control, revegetation, SWPPP, electrical, and instrumentation, in addition to providing construction management for completion of project

In his spare time, Mr. Olsen is a property owner and manager, and he enjoys remodeling houses and apartments. His experience in this area is reflected in his work as an engineer, where he is able to look at a potential project, see the end result, and effectively plan the work necessary to complete the project on time and on budget.