Josh Call

Mr. Call has been involved in Wildlife Biology and GIS for over 6 years. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation and Geographic Information Systems. Josh has a strong knowledge of ESRI’s products including ArcMap, ArcGIS online, ArcHydro and Spatial Analyst, and is proficient in using GPS and GIS data. He has set up, built, maintained and updated databases for small towns and big cities alike, for the dissemination of spatial data both online and in physical maps. He has also provided online and physical mapping services for stormwater management plans, stream alteration permits and stormwater pollution prevention plans. Josh has a passion for wild places and wild things, and has worked with several threatened and endangered species, including Sage grouse, June suckers and Pygmy rabbits. He has performed biological assessments, habitat surveys and has helped prepare several detailed environmental assessments.