Torrey Copfer

Torrey has more than 17 years of experience in engineering geology – varying from construction materials analysis and management, structural, and industrial – to geotechnical engineering for federal, state, local, and tribal clients. His education enables him to be a multi-disciplined geologist and a technical expert with a critical eye towards influential conditions. He possesses a broad range of technical skills, rigorous logic, and an understanding of methodology to effectively solve difficult problems while meeting budgets and schedules.

Torrey provides technical direction and project management for all geotechnical and geologic projects and services for Epic Engineering. He performs a variety of geotechnical and geologic services, ranging from field investigations, managing and reviewing laboratory testing and procedures, reviewing and analyzing data, and designing and reviewing specifications for large to small construction projects. He also performs the creation of finite element and iterative models for slope stability and settlements, designs multiple types of retaining wall systems, creates detailed construction drawings, reviews multi-faceted drawings for implementation of geotechnical aspects, and writes and reviews technical reports in a variety of sectors.