Torrey Copfer

Mr. Copfer’s degrees from Utah State University focused on Hydrogeologic Engineering and Structural Geology. As a Professional Geologist, Mr. Copfer has co-authored numerous groundwater studies across the western US including Coconino Plateau, AZ, Pechanga, CA, and the Columbia Basin Groundwater Management Area where he played a lead role in an 8,000 square mile environmental assessment of surface and groundwater use and impacts for eastern Washington. This work involved massive data evaluation, detailed subsurface modeling, and numerous interviews with local, county, and state entities. At Epic Engineering, Mr. Copfer has worked on teams as a technical player and managing component of several complex UST removal and state PST-funded remediation projects, from simple dispenser leaks to major releases that affected UDOT highways and city water supplies. Mr. Copfer collaboration on the project’s team is instrumental in achieving project goals, clear communications and providing the detailed technical analysis needed.