Sevier County 2018 General Plan

Epic Engineering worked with the Sevier County Commission and county employees to produce the county's 2018 General Plan. This 61-page plan describes the current state of and offers recommendations for the county's land use, natural resources, economic assets, and community services. Maps showing land use, resources, transportation, etc., are also included in the document.

In the first phase of the project, our team reached out to county residents, land owners, business owners, and other stakeholders to obtain feedback on the current state of the county. We conducted four surveys and collected more than 1,000 responses. We informed and notified the public through public meetings, social media, and the distribution of flyers through the public school system. Our representatives met with the Sevier County Commission multiple times over the course of a few months to update the county on the progress of the plan and to obtain feedback for revisions. The commission approved the final version of the plan in the spring of 2018.

Sevier County is a rural county in central Utah that spans approximately 1,900 square miles. Within county boundaries, approximately 19 percent of the land is privately owned. The rest of the land is owned by various federal, state, and tribal organizations.