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Energy Services

Epic has a proven record of performing exceptional work related to the design, construction and improvement of government owned facilities.  Our experience working with Spanish Fork City in the past and currently provides us the ability to see that the city’s best interests are obtained with the energy audit.  In 2010 we performed Energy Audits and assisted in the implementation of proposed Energy Saving Measures (ESMs) on five buildings for the City of Myton in Uintah County under the EECBG program.  Our staff maintains a working knowledge of federal and state regulations that govern grant programs including those funded specifically by the American Recovery and Re-investment ACT of 2009.

As a whole, our firm strives to stay at the top in employee certifications, qualifications, and technical ability.  Our staff members are diversified in their fields with specialized training, certifications and ongoing education that keeps us apprised of the most recent technologies, laws and state statutes.  These factors combined with our excellent corporate ethics and competent, highly qualified team members, allow us to provide the city with the best available services and options for this project.  We are committed to creating sustainable designs that meet today’s needs while protecting the future.  Our staff achieves this commitment by dedicating themselves to creating solutions which exceed the minimum requirements and look to utilize natures existing infrastructure.

Our experience in LEED compliance as well as our work on other projects funded under the EECBG program sets us apart from the competition in our ability to provide the services necessary to meet goals.  As a staff we are organized in a way that our project management system is able to monitor each step of the project along the way ensuring that we meet and exceed our client’s needs, providing them the results they expect.  Our work with municipalities and their unique growth needs has resulted in the development of this multi-disciplined staff capable of meeting a wide variety of client needs. Our staff members are committed to the communities, organizations, and individuals we serve, providing the highest level of professionalism and service to our clients.


Energy Services Offered:

  • Energy Management:
  • Smart SCADA
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Conjunctive Use
  • Aquifer Storage & RecoveryPower Rate Schedules 

Energy Efficiency

  • Variable frequency drives
  • Energy Efficient pump upgrades
  • Premium Efficient motor upgrades
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Lighting Improvements

Energy Recovery

  • Hydro power
  • PRV replacement
  • Water reuse
  • Water recycling
  • Co-generation

Renewable Energy Use

  • Solar
  • Hydro electric
  • Wind
  • Geo Thermal