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Geotechnical Engineering

Epic Engineering offers geotechnical services to municipalities and clients throughout Utah and North Dakota. Our geotechnical staff has been working in the geotechnical engineering industry for a combined 20+ years and brings experience from across North Dakota, the Wasatch Front and throughout Utah. We can provide you with the small amount of oversite to full blown investigations and design. Starting your project, we can perform a Reconnaissance Report followed by a Preliminary Investigation Report and then a Final Investigation and Design Report along with support during your Construction phase based on your needs. Our crew of geotechnical engineers and support staff has experience in the following sectors:

  • Energy & Power
  • Industrial
  • Local & Federal Government
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Water Resources
  • Telecommunications
  • Commercial Development
  • Land Development
  • Residential

Our team has completed a broad array of geotechnical projects ranging from solar farms and energy sector development to larger commercial designs, pavement designs, reconnaissance reports, feasibility studies, infrastructure projects from pipelines to water tanks, small retaining wall designs to residential development. Our team has the engineering background and has worked with municipalities, large to small companies and individuals for a variety of geotechnical. Using our diverse background, we believe our team can combine our engineering disciplines to create solutions that will serve our clients, their communities and be cost effective.

Our engineering personnel are skilled at planning and performing geotechnical investigations using sub-surface soil sampling techniques such as borings, Cone Penetrometer Test (CPTs), Seismic CPTs, and test pits. Personnel that work in the laboratories and as field technicians are certified by WAQTC and ACI. Epic’s geotechnical staff strives for the best quality work while supplying value engineering, laboratory testing, and analysis in accordance with the required standards and procedures for the smoothest construction process.

Going Green

When our firm was founded in 1997, we made an on-going commitment to environmental protections and natural resource efficiency. We accept our responsibility to develop designs and engineering services that conserve the earth’s resources and help municipalities, businesses, and homeowners do the same. As we have grown and now span several states, we have continued that commitment across our multiple disciplines. In geotechnical engineering we can help you go greener by providing risk-based methods: re-use of the native soils, selection of the appropriate geosynthetic, recycled concrete, recycled asphalt or other alternatives to lessen the amount of new resources and/or decrease your transportation needs thru sensitive communities.