KRCL Radio Station

Epic Engineering’s expert teams contracted with KRCL radio station to design a 74,3 kW PV solar array. This large solar array consisted of roof-mounted solar panels as well as canopy-style solar panel arrays that serve as covered parking. Due to site constraints and limited available roof space on the southern facing portions of the roof, the carport canopies were utilized. This was done in an effort to completely offset the building’s energy demands.

With a fixed budget, our efforts were geared towards the most cost-effective alternative to be able to net zero the building. Our design drawings included all single-line diagrams, specifications for the panels, panel layout drawings, site drawings showing conduit locations, inverter locations and specifications, and foundation design for the canopies. Our experts designed the foundation based upon local wind speed design criteria, and renderings were also drawn showing the final site layout and location of the canopies for the owner to visualize the site prior to construction.