The Importance of Employees

Joseph Santos, Owner, Chief Operations Officer

Are employee reviews really necessary? They are if you want to retain valuable employees.

Material Testing

Mike Jensen, Construction Manager

Whether you’re commuting to work or at home having dinner with your family, you want to know the materials supporting your daily activities are safe and lasting.

Epic Engineering hires the best and the brightest in the materials testing industry to ensure that those roads won’t fail and that your foundations won’t slide.

We test soil samples, asphalt and concrete; and we verify material that’s created at the plants and pits, as well as the quality of native materials.

The Power of ArcGIS Online

Josh Call, GIS/Staff Biologist

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, is in everything we do.

Safety First

Aaron Pratt, Surveyor, Survey Division Manager

Running a successful engineering company means taking care of our employees and prioritizing safety and health at all levels of our company.