Myton City Hall and Library

Epic Engineering staffs a talented project funding team. Our team helped Myton City, a growing city in rural Utah, identify and complete a grant application with ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) to fund several projects. Our team of experts acquired over $400,000 for Myton City. The main project was a solar power array for the new Myton City Center Library and City Offices building. Epic Engineering designed and performed the construction management for the building, and with the grant money found by our funding team, we were able to assist Myton City in placing solar power on the roof.

Our design team performed a solar PV panel layout analysis for the roof and distributed the design to fivesolar PV companies for a formal proposal. The proposal required each company to propose alternative options to see if additional power could be placed on a portion of the roof that was curved. The lowest-bidding contractor was able to utilize solar strips adhered to the curved metal roof to increase the total kW. Epic Engineering wrote the project specifications and inspected the Solar PV installation. Micro-inverters and Enphase modules were specified, as well as the inverter type, location, and single-line diagrams for the power routing.