Special Inspections

Our inspectors are familiar with standard construction methods and specifications and work to ensure infrastructure is installed properly and in adherence with standards and specifications. Epic Engineering is also familiar with governing codes such as the 2015 I codes: IBC, Fire, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical Codes, and will utilize these standard specifications as well as the specifications as detailed on the construction drawings to closely monitor, document, and approve work during construction. We work closely to monitor contractor’s work and ensure the project is constructed according to the approved engineered drawings and that it reaches or exceeds its design life.

Epic Engineering is a full-service, medium-sized multi-disciplinary engineering firm with a focus on government clientele. This work experience brings us in contact with many municipal and government funded projects. Epic Engineering also has experienced inspectors on staff that are certified in the following categories:

  • Commercial Building Inspection
  • Residential Building Inspection
  • Fire Inspection
  • ADA Inspection
  • Commercial and Residential plan review
  • Fire plan review
  • Special Inspection of concrete, steel, masonry
  • Material Testing and Inspection